Prode Services Group caring for the environmentPride Services Group Ltd is a property maintenance company, which also carries out gardening and cleaning services. Pride Services Group Ltd works with managing agents, local authorities and many housing associations in London and throughout the South East of England.

Pride Services Group have established the following environmental objectives.

We will ensure that all our activities comply with or exceed regulatory controls or codes of practice where they are available. In the absence of specific regulations, all activities are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner to prevent any pollution.

We will work to continuously reduce our environmental impacts by:

  • Energy management
  • Waste minimisation
  • Recycling
  • Effectively measure our fuel usage and introduce improvement initiatives to reduce it such as driver efficiency training
  • Work with Seltrans to deliver a Workplace Based Travel Plan
  • Work with suppliers and contractors who actively share these goals.

To support our environmental policy we will provide suitable communication and training to our staff to improve environmental awareness, and allocate clear responsibilities.

We will communicate our Environmental Policy to all our stakeholders and statutory authorities together with any other relevant information about our activities that affects the environment.

To effectively measure and continually improve our operating systems we will follow procedures to ensure adherence to this policy.

We will work with organisations who promote environmental protection. EG: Inspire South London/Envibe

We will work with our customer and their requirements with regard to pollution prevention and environmental best practice, making recommendations where required.

The Directors are committed to ensuring that this policy is adhered to and will regularly review the Company’s environmental responsibility strategy and objectives.

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